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Harry Gagnon’s Top NFL Season Props

– Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC +400

– New York Giants to win the NFC East +1000
– Original thoughts coach should be fired: Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings +1500
The Chiefs defense acquired season to a small bad rap. Kansas City gave up a ton of yards, but it was difficult not to when the crime puts up 21 in the first quarter, which will be something which seemed to happen on a normal basis.
New defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo brings a new twist as Kansas City will proceed out of a 3-4 to a front. Head coach Andy Reid ought to feel better about his shield though his has been a fingertip away from winning the AFC phone.
On offense, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the remainder of the Chiefs were successful a season ago, leading the NFL in points a game and total yards with almost 7,000 . Wide receiver Tyreek Hill was cleared to play, which should make Kansas City come close to putting up numbers.
Running back Damien Williams along with a cast of many other people will talk about time at the backfield, which may be better compared to having only threat Kareem Hunt (currently a Cleveland Brown) in there.
Mahomes has plenty of weapons, and Travis Kelce currently becomes the greatest tight end from the AFC and possibly in the NFL because Rob Gronkowski of this Patriots retired. Both hooked up on passes of 20 yards??or more 18 times last year. To??put that statistic in to perspective, that was one time than Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger connected with Pro Bowl receiver Antonio Brown to get 20-plus.
Kansas City has exactly the same players returning from??one of the best units in the league. Mahomes is still what we think he’s and if the shield is slightly better, last season’s team could not even be much better than Kansas City.
Prediction: AFC Championship Game: Chiefs 38, Patriots 35

Each NFC East team going into the 2019 year has outlying difficulties. The Ohio State merchandise set those questions by inking an extention, although the Cowboys had the problem with Zeke Elliott threatening to not play unless he obtained a contract.
The Redskins have quarterback problems and has more pressure on them. With that said, why don’t you to take a flyer.
In fact, the Giants were not bad last year as critics left them out to function since they lost eight??games by seven??points or less lost five??points or not. The defense suspended in a great deal of games but will need to be far better since teams just couldn’t stop late.
Two-time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning will possess players including Offensive Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley, who had over 2,000 scrimmage yards on offense around him.
The Giants signed veteran recipient Golden Tate (suspended for four matches ) and have probably the most important part to the offense since the offseason exchange of Odell Beckham Jr. in Sterling Shepard.
This is the opportunity for Manning to generate numbers that are significant in New York Shepard to spread his wings and hopefully allow him. It’s Shepard who needs to have a year to allow the Giants offense to blossom although barkley will get his yards.
New York has more than just a couple of games against teams which were poor last year such as Tampa Bay, the Jets, Detroit and Buffalo.
It will be intriguing to see how much assurance head coach Pat Shurmur will have in Manning. Because he had 10 touchdown passes than interceptions he got a terrible rap last season. In reality the plus/minus ratio over the last five seasons of Eli is still +63.
Eli can still get things done and the line that was the problem for them will function better. If Manning gets enough time to throw, the Giants could set up things and battle late in matches. This division is overrated every year and is mediocre so at 10-1 you are currently receiving great value.
– New York Giants 9-7
– Dallas Cowboys??8-8
– Philadelphia Eagles??8-8
– Washington Redskins??5-11
Minnesota hired Mike Zimmer and signed up quarterback Kirk Cousins to win major games and that hasn’t been the outcome for . As they are coming off an extremely disappointing 8-7-1 season There’s a good deal of pressure on both.
Some??losses sting a little more than others because the Vikings lost at home as a 17-point favorite to Buffalo from 21 points and when the chips were on the desk in Week 17 and a playoff berth at stake having a triumph, they choked at home vs rival Chicago, who was already in the playoffs and had nothing more to play . Zimmer and Cousins have been also a dreadful 1-6 against playoff teams.
Since they end Kyle Rudolph, who’s a magnet that was red-zone this group is loaded with weapons. Running back Dalvin Cook is back healthy and they have the duo of Thielen and also Diggs at receiver so there are no explanations for the Vikings.
Minnesota has road games the Chargers. The Vikings front office was not scared to fire coordinator John DeFilippo last year and when the Vikings don’t return to a good start, it may be fewer??games than that for Zimmer.

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